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One day down

On my second day of Otakon and so far it's a good con. The Vamps concert was awesome and Mell's concert was INCREDIBLE! I found some nice bargains in the dealer room on items I've been trying to get a hold of. The Otakon folks decided to guarantee every person who was in line by 11 Thursday night a badge. It was pretty cool of them since originally it was only those who'd made it inside the doors by 11. I Caught one of Daryl Surat's panels yesterday (one of the Anime World Order podcast hosts), and it was educational as well as entertaining. Also went to the Madhouse panel. Apparently there is a Trigun movie that's been made and will come out early next year I believe. Madhouse creates some very cool anime! "Shiguri: Death Frenzy" is one hell of a bizarre samurai anime. Here's some footage of usual crazy registration line

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