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Continuing to play by the C/Side

I made more changes to my C/Side utilities last night.  Decided to change the FieldValue from a struct to a class.  I think I shall leave the remaining Field and Filter structs as is since neither of these should change once they are created.  Added lazy loading logic to the Record class, and by extension it's linked FieldValue class objects.

I am going to finish up my changes to the C/Side wrapper this week so I can focus on my parser and editor projects this weekend.  Been watching too much tv and coding too little, but what else is new.  For those not aware, I have a Navision parser project that I've been working off and on for the last 4 years.  I started putting a lot of effort into finishing the project this year and I hope to get it wrapped up and released in 2011.  This parser will be open sourced just like the C/Side utils.  I am also working on an alternative editor to the classic C/Side one that everyone is used to.  It turns out building an editor is a LOT of work so I doubt I will be releasing it terribly soon, but it will be worth the wait when I get it released.  The editor will not be open source but there will be a free version.

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