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If I were a superhero

My name would be Procrastinus, able to postpone all things.  Is anyone really surprised?  I doubt it.  Regardless, I'm going to force myself to work on some projects, update photos etc.  Hey, hey, hey, enough with the laughter, I'm serious.  Quite frankly tv consumes waaaay too much of my time.  I would become much more productive if I had no access to cable tv for a year (at least during that year ;).  That is probably why I got so much code done in college, I had so few potential distractions.  I'm tempted to try an experiment where I cut myself off from tv for one month.  Would I get more code done? ....maybe, or I would just make a serious dent in my backlog of reading materials and video games.  That would still be progress in my book.  I have literal years worth of games and books in my backlog.

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