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Speaking of TV and backlogs though ...

I have been making an effort to put a dent in my anime watching backlog as well (yes I have way too many backlogs).  I finished The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat, Kimi ni Todoke and Say "I Love You".  It is really hard for me to find those romantic shows that don't frustrate the crap out of me with insanely neurotic characters.  I think Suzuka was one of my favorites in that genre.  I'm also excited because the new season of Kuroko's Basketball has started.  Yes I'm part of the minority of anime sports fans.  Of course most anime sports shows have more in common with DBZ than they do actual sports, so it's not like I'm watching for the sport, except in the case of Hikaru No Go.  I also started watching Kill La Kill.  It features the Sushio as the character designer which becomes quite obvious to anyone who watched Gurren Lagann.  After just one episode I'm roped in and awaiting the remaining episodes.  I started watching Attack on Titan a while ago, but I have stalled out on that show.  It's so soul crushingly depressing that I feel like I'm watching a british tragedy.  They lay the despair on so heavy handed that at some point I just quit giving a fuck about the characters.  I may finish it out later at some point, but currently I'm rather apathetic about the show.  I'd be interested to hear what other folks are watching.

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