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I finally watched the Hobbit ...or did I?

I finally watched the first two movies in the Hobbit movie trilogy.  I knew they had added new story elements but I was not prepared for the hatchet job they made of mr. Tolkien's work.  Given how faithful to the original material Jackson was with "Lord of the Rings" I was astonished to see him butcher "The Hobbit".  Over half the film is comprised of completely made up story or heavily modified pieces of the book.  Very little of the original work makes it through untouched.  The result is a movie that loosely follows the story outline of "The Hobbit".  They even change minor story points that don't need changing.  It's as if Jackson said to himself "Tolkien did some good work, but I can make it better for the screen".  I feel like Azog the orc was added to the movie for merchandising purposes.  I will always treasure Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but I wouldn't wipe my ass with his version of "The Hobbit".  The fact that "The Hobbit" started as a two movie production and then was later changed to a trilogy smacked of a cash grab as far as I was concerned, so I was already prepared for some changes.  The original book would barely fill two movies, so to make it into three meant they would have to add a lot of material never in the books, which is just what they did ... in spades.  I expected better from Peter Jackson.

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