Speaking of TV and backlogs though ...

I have been making an effort to put a dent in my anime watching backlog as well (yes I have way too many backlogs).  I finished The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat, Kimi ni Todoke and Say "I Love You".  It is really hard for me to find those romantic shows that don't frustrate the crap out of me with insanely neurotic characters.  I think Suzuka was one of my favorites in that genre.  I'm also excited because the new season of Kuroko's Basketball has started.  Yes I'm part of the minority of anime sports fans.  Of course most anime sports shows have more in common with DBZ than they do actual sports, so it's not like I'm watching for the sport, except in the case of Hikaru No Go.  I also started watching Kill La Kill.  It features the Sushio as the character designer which becomes quite obvious to anyone who watched Gurren Lagann.  After just one episode I'm roped in and awaiting the remaining episodes.  I started watching Attack on Titan a while ago, but I have stalled out on that show.  It's so soul crushingly depressing that I feel like I'm watching a british tragedy.  They lay the despair on so heavy handed that at some point I just quit giving a fuck about the characters.  I may finish it out later at some point, but currently I'm rather apathetic about the show.  I'd be interested to hear what other folks are watching.


If I were a superhero

My name would be Procrastinus, able to postpone all things.  Is anyone really surprised?  I doubt it.  Regardless, I'm going to force myself to work on some projects, update photos etc.  Hey, hey, hey, enough with the laughter, I'm serious.  Quite frankly tv consumes waaaay too much of my time.  I would become much more productive if I had no access to cable tv for a year (at least during that year ;).  That is probably why I got so much code done in college, I had so few potential distractions.  I'm tempted to try an experiment where I cut myself off from tv for one month.  Would I get more code done? ....maybe, or I would just make a serious dent in my backlog of reading materials and video games.  That would still be progress in my book.  I have literal years worth of games and books in my backlog.


Demo Project for CSide Integration Library

I would like to say I will have a demo project posted soon, but I have been busy with other things lately.  Combine that with the fact that I will be visiting family/friends in the near future, and you get more delays.  My goal right now is to have something put together and posted up by June 11th.  As always, if anyone has any specific questions/feedback/suggestions about the library, drop me a line.


How does one survive Gencon?

Well I shall have to put together a survival guide, similar to my Otakon one, detailing all the things to keep in mind.  However, since the con is looming in the near future, I'll touch on the important points.  First of all you should always reserve a hotel room through the con housing as soon as housing goes live.  If you don't already have a room you will be driving into downtown each day (keep it in mind for future years).  Next if you have particular games in mind you want to play, you need to plan them from the convention catalog (this year's should be up soon on the gencon website) and be ready to register them the moment registration for events goes live.  The event registration process is a zoo and you should be prepared to miss out on a lot of your chosen events (unless you are very lucky), so make sure to have lots of backups.  Don't forget to leave time to decompress and eat too.  Don't make the mistake of trying to game every waking hour like it is a marathon.  Many new attendees are very ambitious in their scheduling, only to find they don't have the energy to carry out their schedule.  In short, if you want to go to Gencon, advance planning makes all the difference and you should plan on spending around $800 on a hotel, as well as another $100-300 on food (depending on where you eat).


Otakon 20, you don't want to miss it

Otakon 20 is shaping up to be one hell of an experience.  Between bringing back T.M.Revolution, getting Home Made Kazoku and what sounds like a really cool look back at past Otakons in the form of some sort of museum, this Otakon is going to be one to remember.  I certainly plan to catch the concerts this year, and I will have multiple cameras and batteries.  It will be one awesome weekend of photos, anime, music and shopping.  Strap in everyone and begin your convention prepping (you already booked your hotel room ... right???).