Awesome artwork you should own

Larry Elmore, one of the most awesome artists ....well ever ..is doing a kickstarter project to create an artbook of his life's work.  If you EVER played D&D back in the day then you probably saw his artwork.  I encourage everyone who's interested in such things to look at that project and consider pledging.  I am embedding a link below to the kicktraq tracker.

Larry Elmore Art: The Complete Elmore Artbook -- Kicktraq Mini


Oh Shiny!

Yeah so I'm a big fat fibber.  This time I'm not going to make any promises I'm just going to put them up at some point ... hopefully soon.  Did I mention I get distracted easily.  In the meantime here is a very cool video I found on twitter that I thought I would share.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.


On a side note, I wish all spammers would die and burn in hell.  They are simply parasites on humanity.


Post Con

For those of you looking for convention photographs, sorry, I haven't finished editing and uploading them yet, but I should have them up by next Saturday at the latest.


It's an ADD World

With informatin overload these days we've become a bit of an ADD culture.  I definitely feel that way myself when it comes to my hobbies, and life in general.  It's the "Ooooh Shiny!!!" sindrome.  I've definitely been guilty of that with programming, video games, table top games, etc.  I think some of it is just the age old addage "The grass is always greener on the other side".  As people, we are fascinated with new things, and that's not necessarily bad but perhaps we should also try more to focus on the tried and true as well.  Along those lines, I'm going to force myself to focus more on some of my neglected projects over the next few weeks.  My C/Side project certainly deserves a publish of the latest build.  I think I'll make myself a big bullet list of unfinished projects and see how much I can accomplish when I organize myself.  I'll probably be surprised with the results as would most people if they did the same I suspect.


A cold day in hell

Yes, it has indeed arrived and I am actually posting again.  I really need to force myself to write more often.  I am finally working on getting my last changes to the C/Side utils rolled up and published.  my target date at this point is 2/12/11.  Lately (and by that I mean the past 2 months) it has been difficult to force myself to work on my editor project.  I suppose that is the problem, that I feel as though I have to force myself.  I'm finding it difficult to muster the enthusiasm to work on my own projects outside of work after putting in a day coding AT work.  This must be kind of what it feels like to be a professional writer.  Sometimes you just have to force yourself to put pen to page.  Last night I modified my Navision object parser library to allow writing out of objects without ID numbers attached to variables and methods.

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