Ok I arrived in time for my first panel only to discover they hadn't even opened the convention center yet. This is screwed up, I bet all 9 o'clock panels will be scrubbed by this fuckup.


Otakon begins

I got checked in last night at my hotel and already the Holiday Inn kicked the crap out of the Radisson. I'll just say the Holiday Inn is better than the Radisson in a LOT of ways and leave it at that. Thursday night pre-reg badge pickup was super painless this year. Ate dinner at the Pratt Street Ale House last night to the music of a street drummer using buckets to drum on. He was actually REALLY good. He was a machine, at some points drumming for hours with no stop. I'll add video and pictures after con.


No, really I'm not dead, just resting

For about 8 months it would seem.  Yeah I'm a horrible blogger, I'm going to make more of an effort to post some worthwhile content, and actually get the fabled opening ceremonies video up I mentioned before.  Besides, I never claimed this was a blog, so I'll put out content at my own pace ...yeah there, ok I'm done.


I'm only at -5, not quite dead yet

Well I made it back from Gencon alive and .....well ..not quite well.  The convention was a lot of fun but unfortunately I caught a horrible cold or flu while there on the first day I woke up.  If not for NyQuil and DayQuil there's no way I would have gotten any gaming done.  As it was I felt like an obnoxious jerk for actually gaming while so sick, spreading my germs, but it WAS Gencon and I'd already payed my money.  This year I went board game crazy more than anything else.  Got a crap load of various board games, as well as the Pathfinder Core rulebook, WH40K Rogue Trader, and a starter army box of the Sov Red Blok for AT-43 (which is VERY competitively priced now).  I'll get the video of the opening ceremonies posted up as a follow up soon.


Roll the dice

It's almost time for Gencon.  I'm damn nervous and excited.  I look forward to this convention every year but sadly this will be the first year I'm going without my friends.  It sucks that they can't make it this year, and it just won't be the same without them.  Since I won't be hanging out with friends at all I went super ambitious and lined up an insane non-stop gaming schedule.  Ok, so I left some breaks in there for food and the exhibition hall ....but not much.  Anyway, tomorrow I must do laundry pack all my bags etc.