Yo Joe ....Gimme my money back

So I just got back from the GI Joe movie midnight showing.  I know, I know, why in the hell did I go to a midnight show of this movie.  Well, ...because I grew up with GI JOE and I wanted this movie to be good.  To be fair I don't think it was horrible, but it wasn't very good either.  It's certainly not worth the cost of seeing it in the theatre unless you are simply going to see the cool effects on the big screen (and the special effects are certainly top notch).  It's certainly not the worst movie I've seen.  I was a bit upset at their treatment of Storm Shadow, cause he was the man as far as I was concerned at 8 years old.  They make him out to be so badass and then let snake eyes smack him around, which was hardly the case in the cartoon and comics I remember.  Perhaps I'm overly critical since GI Joe was such a part of my early childhood, but I don't think so.  I recommend you save your money and rent it, unless you absolutely must see it on the big screen.


My Letter To Apple

Dear Apple,

If Apple continues to block the Google voice app from the app store, I will retire my iPhone and go buy an Android phone as soon as my contract expires. I utterly hate AT&T thanks to their abusive behaviour towards their customers and Apple caving under their every whim doesn't help my opinion of Apple. I recently purchased a mac mini and started to become a fan of Apple, but every time I start to think I might become a mac person, your whole "It's our sandbox and we'll tell you how to play in it" attitude just disgusts me. But thank you for drawing a nice comparison between what it's like to have freedom of choices and what it's like to NOT.


A soon not-to-be customer if this crap continues


Weekends are over too quick

Went to see "The Ugly Truth" yesterday.  It's a pretty good movie, worth seeing in the theatre if you are interested.  Butler's character is very funny and Heigl is great as always.  After the movie I went to Minado with my friend and had some awesome sushi.  If you love sushi and there is a Minado or Nori Nori near you, you MUST GO.  It was definitely an excellent Saturday.  Think I'll start the day off today with some scrambled eggs and toast ....maybe curl up with some of my unread comics, or maybe the One Piece manga I picked up at Otakon.


Otakon Blues

Sadly another Con has come to a close and it makes me sad already.  I love this con every year and so look forward to it (even with all the jackasses).  This morning's "Fist of the North Star" showing was ruined by all the jack asses constantly thinking they were funny for yelling "witty" things at the screen.  I say "witty" because quite frankly there were just fucktards trying to get a laugh and I would love a con without these jerks.  Regardless of these annoyances though, the Anime World Order folks did some cool panels and "The Old Timers of Anime" were entertaining as well as Frederick Schodt's panel.  I checked out a number of different anime while at the con such as: Kaze No Stigma, Murder Princess, Sgt. Frog, D Gray-man, Giant Robo (awesome classic :), Hajime No Ippo (also fanstastic) and Shigurui: Death Frenzy (weird ...very weird ... see last post).  I attended the AMV overflow this year and it was fun as usual (next year I'll make sure my ballot counts).  I'll be happy to sleep in my own bed tonight.  I think I'll start an anime section on the site after this con .... right after I get all my photos edited and posted in the convention photos section!


One day down

On my second day of Otakon and so far it's a good con. The Vamps concert was awesome and Mell's concert was INCREDIBLE! I found some nice bargains in the dealer room on items I've been trying to get a hold of. The Otakon folks decided to guarantee every person who was in line by 11 Thursday night a badge. It was pretty cool of them since originally it was only those who'd made it inside the doors by 11. I Caught one of Daryl Surat's panels yesterday (one of the Anime World Order podcast hosts), and it was educational as well as entertaining. Also went to the Madhouse panel. Apparently there is a Trigun movie that's been made and will come out early next year I believe. Madhouse creates some very cool anime! "Shiguri: Death Frenzy" is one hell of a bizarre samurai anime. Here's some footage of usual crazy registration line