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Demo Project for CSide Integration Library

I would like to say I will have a demo project posted soon, but I have been busy with other things lately.  Combine that with the fact that I will be visiting family/friends in the near future, and you get more delays.  My goal right now is to have something put together and posted up by June 11th.  As always, if anyone has any specific questions/feedback/suggestions about the library, drop me a line.


CSide project and Dynamics Nav 2013

So it would appear that since the development environment for Dynamics Nav 2013 was barely changed, my integration dll will work for 2013 development as well.  The only thing preventing this was the lack of support for Query objects in the NavObjectType enumeration.  I have since added support for this new object type to the library so it should work for 2013 now.  Sadly, I do not have the ability to test this myself, so I will have to rely on the community to validate this.


Work in Progress

Ok, so I don't have the code examples for the C/Side library done yet.  I do have a basic wiki page up, which I will add to.  I have been updating the source code and over the weekend I made a number of breaking changes to the library.  These were mainly method renamings and minor signature changes.  I think these were all for the better, but you will likely need to make some minor changes to code using the 1.3 and prior libraries.  I will post the 1.4 update this week, along with finished samples, either this week or next weekend (you can always download the latest source from my respository).  If anyone has any questions about the library, I'm always happy to answer questions, as well as discuss usage.


C/Side Integration Utilities v1.3 is now Live

I finally published the latest C/Side utils with bug fixes, improvements and new documentation.  You can get the source and binaries from the bitbucket repository, or grab the latest builds off Mibuso as well.  I will putting up a proper wiki for it along with various source examples in the future.  I will be taking pull requests so I hope folks in the community will fork this project and submit improvements/features back to the main project.


C/Side Project Improvements

I'm about 2 years overdue on publishing some updates to my C/Side Integration project, but I'm finally posting something.  Yeah I suck, I know.  The latest version features a new class for building/parsing Navision client links, as well as various improvements.  Sadly the event hooking bug is still present, hopefully I will nail that down at some point.  I should have an update published this weekend complete with new help files.  Also the project is now hosted on Kiln, so you can check the repository at any given moment to grab the latest source files.  You can also view the source files through the web interface there as well as see all version control activity.