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Descent into Darkness

My gaming group recently launched our first advanced campaign game of Descent.  Descent is a board game created by Fantasy Flight Games.  It's a game where one player plays the role of the evil overlord while everyone else plays the role of heroes attempting to brave a dungeon for glory and treasure.  Where as the normal game is a fast paced one shot experience, the advanced campaign rules create a persistent story campaign.  Fantasy Flight created a second edition of Descent a couple of years back but my group and I generally prefer first edition (with the exception of one player that just doesn't like the game).  It is a very tactical miniatures driven dungeon crawl and a lot of fun.  I've been putting a lot of work into preparing materials for this game, the most recent of which is an editable pdf of the Road To Legends campaign tracker sheet.  This seemed like a much better solution than filling out a new paper sheet each week.  The website www.descentinthedark.com is also an invaluable resource for anyone else playing that hasn't found it.  I highly recommend this game though the first edition will set you back a bit these days since it is out of print and thus a bit pricey to get all the supplements for.