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Back at work

TechEd 2009 was great, but I was a little disappointed that the Thursday night event was sort of lame compared to past events.  Anders Hjelsberg, Scott Hanselman, Jason Olson and Mark Russinovich were all great presenters and I really regret missing Mark's big session on the last day.  I'm looking forward to using Visual Studio 2010 and it's new tools.  I'm curious to see how the MEF addon system will work when we have multiple addon developers that clash in some areas of functionality.  The big take away this year for me has been that I need to adopt more agile code principles and unit testing.  Just not sure how to implement unit testing in Navision's rather closed up and proprietary system.


TechEd 2009

Enjoying the TechEd conference in Los Angeles, Nice city, weather and scenery.  So far most of the sessions have been really good.  I'm looking forward to a session on MEF in Visual Studio 2010 in the morning.  The new advances in .NET look really cool.  Dynamic language support and eventually programmatic access to the compiler itself.