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11. Know the locations of the local eateries

Food is important, Otaku need fuel, so with that in mind you should find out where all the local eateries are. There are various vendors in the convention center and the Einstein Bagel place on the second floor isn't bad (or whatever it is currently called), but if you want real food you have to leave the convention center. There is a food court in the mall along the harbor not far from the convention center. I recommend that if you have a group of friends with diverse tastes. There's also a couple of new restaurants across from the Center called "The Nest" and "The Wharf Rat", both have good food, with prices that aren't too horrible. There's also a time honored Otaku eatery diagonally across from the center called "California Tortilla". Since it's a franchise I doubt I need to explain that one to you.  Another con favorite in recent years is Jimmy John's sandwiches (really fast and really good sandwhiches, one of my favorites).  There are also a couple of chineese places in the area, a mcdonalds and many many other places. Locating them in advance can save you time :)

My map below is somewhat out of date, so I simply suggest clicking the "View Larger Map" link which will take you to the current google map for the area with eateries marked.

View Places to eat around the BCC in a larger map
View Larger Map

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