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8. Don't wait in lines (unless it's a panel line or registration ..you get the idea)

Most of the lines at Otakon are pointless. Concerts and the AMV contest at the convention hall almost never fill up that I've seen. Instead of standing in line for an hour, go check out some anime or panels, come back once the event is starting and happily walk in and snag a seat after everyone is already inside. The dealers hall line is the king of POINTLESS, don't line up, just don't do it! Once the hall opens the line moves like lightning, so unless you just want to stand there with the other lemings, go do something worthwhile. Panels are the exception, because many of these are in small rooms, also some of the really REALLY popular anime/movies will sometimes fill up a room (again because it's small). The HD Theatre and Video 1 however, are very very large, so don't worry about itEDIT: In recent years Otakon has hit capacity and these days many video rooms (even the HD theatre and Video 1), will often run out of seating.  So if it is something you desperately want to see and especially if it is popular, I recommend you line up (the earlier the better).  This also goes for the AMV (though there multiple chances for this) and ESPECIALLY concert tickets.

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