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9. Attend at least one concert if you enjoy JRock/JPop

Otakon usually has one to four musical guests every year and if you enjoy their music, a concert is a great experience to add to your con! Many of the concerts are held inside the convention center with others occassionally being held at outside venues such as the First Mariner Arena. Unless you are just really driven to be as close as possible to the band, don't worry about standing in line, go get something to eat instead. These events never fill up as far as I've seen (except maybe at some of the outside venues) and you'll get a decent seat even if you come in late. Due to Otakon hitting capacity in recent years, concerts can often times actually fill up.  This isn't as likely with something like the First Mariner Arena, but if it is a room inside the convention center, I would definitely get in line.  You should still get your tickets as early as possible though for outside venues.

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