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2. Bring a camera

There are many thousands of people dressing up in costume at this event and if you have any interest in photography YOU MUST BRING YOUR CAMERA. At the same time though, try to be courteous and ask people before you snap their picture, most of the time they'll pose for you.

PLEASE ...PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK BUSY HALLWAYS.  People have a bad habit of stopping in the hallway to take a picture and stopping traffic.  Not only is it discourteous to the rest of the attendees around you, but it also sucks for the Otakon staffers that have to tell you not to do something you already know you shouldn't.  Staffers have more important things to do at the convention than yell at attendees doing stupid things.  If you see someone you absolutely have to get a picture of in a busy hallway, simply ask them if you can get their picture on the other side where there is a clearing.  Most folks don't mind and if you are in such a hurry that you can't wait 2 minutes, then you really didn't need that photo anyway.

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