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Version: 1.2.7 Beta

Status: Initial Release

Description: DotSerialize is a library for serializing objects to and from xml in .Net.  It is made to "just work" with 99% of objects out of the box.  Beyond that it allows for extensive customization if needed.  It is designed to be as simple to use as possible for the vast majority of use cases.  All the existing xml serializers had various shortcomings and caveats and I just wanted a library that would work without any headaches or special modifications to my code.

You can find the project on CodePlex.



Status: In Progress
Version: 0.1.0
Description: A rewrite of the LambdaMOO Server using C#.  This rewrite adds many new modern features to the language grammar as well as some new data types.  The server also supports multi-threading as well as plugins and multiple configurable storage methods.

MOO Grammar Parser 100%
Moo# Grammar Parser 100%
Compiler 20%
Interpreter 75%
Database conversion tool 0%
Server networking 0%
Server storage 0%
Server plugin system 0%
Native .Net mapped object support 0%
Windows service support 0%
Azure support 0%
Mono testing 0%
Adding Switch statements to Moo# grammar 0%