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10. Attend the AMV Contest if you have any interest in music videos at all

Have you ever watched MTV in your life? Do you enjoy music videos? I'd ask if you enjoy anime but that would be stupid .....right? So if you enjoy these things, you very well might enjoy the AMV contest. You get to watch music videos put together by your peers and vote on them, sounds like fun right? Plus I've been introduced to new anime shows as well as new musical artists thanks to some of these videos. I generally find this a fun "must attend" event at Otakon and they run multiple sessions of it. Just to clarify though, if it says "AMV Overflow" those ballots will not be counted and the Sunday session is never counted because they are already being counted by Saturday afternoon so that the winners can be announced at closing ceremonies. However if you don't care about voting then the overflow sessions might be perfect for you. If you don't like music videos, then just ignore this event.

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