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Freedom to do what you are told

It seems like every day I become more disgusted with my own government.  It's no wonder a lot of the world hates us, because the US government behaves like assholes a good deal of the time.  Since when did the legislative branch of my government become the enforcement branch of the entertainment industry?? ...pardon my french ....but WHAT THE FUCK??  Our government abuses it's power more every day as time goes on and I'm getting very sick of it.  Our tax dollars get wasted on bullshit bills like COICA and it infuriates me.  Recently immigration enforcement agents were used to sieze a number of domains that were accused of trafficking in pirated and counterfeit material.  Now I'm sure some of these sites were legitimately bad but some of them, it seems, were just sites that the entertainment industry would rather didn't exist and I'm sorry, but that is not grounds to sieze their domains.  Also, COICA hasn't passed yet you bunch of numnuts beauracrats!  On top of all this, when did it become the customs and immigration agents' job to take pirate content sites offline.  Lastly, most of these sites were back up under other domain names in little to no time at all, so all of those tax dollars accomplished what????

Now back to my original point of abuse.  ICANN, while run in the US is supposed to be a nation neutral maintainer of internet domains.  It's no wonder other countries don't want us mainting the primary domain registrars when we abuse them so horribly for our own bullshit selfish agendas.  I suppose I should be used to politicians abusing power, but I'm not, it just makes me angrier every time they do so.  I think the founding fathers of this country would be disgusted with the gestapo tactics our government sometimes uses these days.