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I'm only at -5, not quite dead yet

Well I made it back from Gencon alive and .....well ..not quite well.  The convention was a lot of fun but unfortunately I caught a horrible cold or flu while there on the first day I woke up.  If not for NyQuil and DayQuil there's no way I would have gotten any gaming done.  As it was I felt like an obnoxious jerk for actually gaming while so sick, spreading my germs, but it WAS Gencon and I'd already payed my money.  This year I went board game crazy more than anything else.  Got a crap load of various board games, as well as the Pathfinder Core rulebook, WH40K Rogue Trader, and a starter army box of the Sov Red Blok for AT-43 (which is VERY competitively priced now).  I'll get the video of the opening ceremonies posted up as a follow up soon.

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