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A cold day in hell

Yes, it has indeed arrived and I am actually posting again.  I really need to force myself to write more often.  I am finally working on getting my last changes to the C/Side utils rolled up and published.  my target date at this point is 2/12/11.  Lately (and by that I mean the past 2 months) it has been difficult to force myself to work on my editor project.  I suppose that is the problem, that I feel as though I have to force myself.  I'm finding it difficult to muster the enthusiasm to work on my own projects outside of work after putting in a day coding AT work.  This must be kind of what it feels like to be a professional writer.  Sometimes you just have to force yourself to put pen to page.  Last night I modified my Navision object parser library to allow writing out of objects without ID numbers attached to variables and methods.

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